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Product Categories


We carry a wide selection of walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, and accessories! We are confident we have the right product to fit your needs.


We carry a variety of products for all of your incontinence needs, including underpads, diapers/pullups, wipes, liners, catheters, and more. 


Wounds were meant to be healed. Let us provide you with the right products, such as gauze, wound gels, dressings, and much more.

Bathroom Safety.jpg

To ensure that your next bathroom trip is a safe one, we carry a variety of products, such as grab bars, toilet risers, and shower chairs. 

Happy toes.jpg

Legs and feet are the foundation of our bodies. Make sure you are taking care of yours with these comforting products. 


We carry hot/cold gel packs, heating pads, physical therapy supplies and a selection of bracing. 


Shop the respiratory supplies for nebulizers, oxygen tubing, stethoscopes and more.  


To make daily activities a little easier, we carry  pill organizers, weighted cutlery, reachers, sock aids and more!


Daily, Weekly, Monthly rentals are available on select products.  Click on the Rentals tab to see what is available!

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